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Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

Closed for the following Holidays:
New Years, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Phone 651-222-0251

Explore our capabilities and services with the click of a button or the scroll of a mouse:

Online Services

We offer a number of services through our website to make ordering even easier. From questions to personalized order portals, we have it all:


  • Inquire online – Do you have questions for us or want to place an order? Submit an online inquiry or order through our contact us page.
  • File uploads – If you are working with us on a project, upload your files through our website! File uploads are quick and easy. Contact us today to find out how to gain access to our password-protected upload page.
  • Online ordering – We are proud to offer an online customer-specific ordering system. Registered customers receive a portal pre-programmed with items available for reorder. You can view proofs online, browse your entire catalog of printed products, and receive an emailed receipt each time you place on order online. If you would like to learn more about portals or request one, please send us an email to get started.


What we Can Do

Unsure of what types of printing services we offer? If in doubt, reach out to us! For a quick (but summarized) reference of our services, we have compiled a list for you to provide a brief snapshot of our most popular printing and finishing processes available:

  • Black Printing – Going for a classic look that won’t go out of style? Keep it simple with black ink, available on our digital and litho presses.
  • Color Printing – Go bold with vibrant colors! We offer color printing that ranges anywhere from 1 to 4 colors; these options are available on both our digital or litho presses.
  • Crash Imprinting – Make your mark with crash imprinting on one of our letterpresses, perfect for carbonless forms.
  • Envelope Printing – Are you looking to make a big statement? Talk to us about envelopes for your next large mailing. We can print ready made envelopes, or we can print flat and convert so you have a perfect envelope every time, whether you need 1,00 or 1,000,000.
  • Plate-making – Whether you’re looking for lithographic printing or someone to burn press plates for your own presses, we’ve got you covered. Our Pre-Press Department is direct-to-plate, meaning we handle your electronic files from start to finish.
  • Lithographic Printing – The original. The classic. The staple of the printing industry. Printed with plates and rollers, consider the wide range of possibilities that litho printing can offer to you with its rich colors and a plethora of finishing options.
  • Digital Printing – Looking for something fresh and new? Think about going plate-less with one of our digital presses.
  • Variable Data – If you’re planning a mailing, ask us about variable data and mailing services. We can print your mailer, the addresses, and work with a mailhouse to get your message out.
  • Finishing – While some projects are done the moment they come off the press, others may need a few extra steps. We offer a variety of finishing options to complete your project the way you envision it. Boldly go where no customer has gone before by combining any number of finishing processes to perfect your unique project. Ask us about thermal printing, embossing, foil-finish, scoring, stitching, binding, folding, perforating, die-cutting, shrink-wrapping drilling, and more!
  • If you have a specific project in mind or general questions regarding services we offer, contact us for more information!


About our Presses

We have a variety of presses and printing capabilities. Here are the specs and some general information on our presses:

  • 4-color Shinohara lithographic/offset press. This press has perfecting capability and a maximum print size of 20” x 26”. Best for long print runs that require the four-color process, such as bulk mailers, book covers, flyers, and posters.
  • 2-color Shinohara lithographic/offset press. This press has perfecting capability and a maximum print size of 20” x 26”. Best for long print runs that require a one or two-color process, such as flat printed envelopes for converting, newsletters, and forms.
  • 2-color Itek lithographic/offset press. This press runs a maximum paper size of 13” x 18” and is often used to run smaller runs of products like business cards, letterhead, and newsletter inserts.
  • Halm Super Jet envelope press. This press has perfecting capability and is best suited for runs of 20,000 envelopes or greater.
  • 2-color Ryobi envelope press. This press is best for shorter runs of envelopes, typically under 20,000.
  • Canon black digital press. This digital press uses black toner, is capable of variable data, and has a maximum print size of 13” x 19”. A cost-effective alternative to lithographic printing for shorter black-ink only runs.
  • Canon color digital press. This digital press prints with a CMYK toner process, is capable of variable data, and has a maximum print size of 13” x 19”. A cost-effective alternative to lithographic printing for select shorter color runs.
  • Letterpresses. The founding father of modern-day presses, we have a variety of letterpresses for scoring, perforating, numbering, and crash-imprinting on carbonless forms.

If you have questions regarding our presses, contact us with your inquiry. For customers unfamiliar with the printing process, our knowledgeable staff can provide you with the information you need to decide how to print your project to achieve the quality and cost that best fits your needs.

Our entire production area is union. All aspects of the printing and finishing process (from pre-press to post-production) are handled by union employees.

For Returning Customers

One of the greatest benefits of being a returning customer is the ease of re-ordering printed materials. To make this process even easier, ask us about the services we offer to returning customers:

Running shells – If you print business cards, letterhead, or envelopes with us and your logo or design has more than two colors to it or if it requires additional processes such as engraving or foil-finish, then consider contacting us about shells. We can reduce costs and waiting time for you by printing large runs of logo-only stock to keep on hand. When you place an order, we can quickly imprint one to two colors on the stock. As the customer, you no longer have to wait for each piece to go through lengthy finishing processes and you receive the added benefit of a better price break and a lower overall cost.

Online ordering – For customers who reorder from a variety of products or want to see proofs prior to printing, setting up on online ordering portal is a great solution. We will work with you to set up a customized portal and stock it with a catalog of items specific to your business. If your company has a standard layout for products like envelopes, business cards, or letterhead, consider a variable data item. With variable data, you can enter your print information onto the online template and receive a print-ready preview of your file before submitting it. Portals are a great way to streamline your ordering process, and they make reordering easy! Contact us today for more information on establishing your own website portal.

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